DIALOG of Transformation ® International Trademark
Ireland & United Kingdom & Poland

We are certified training and research centre providing bespoke trainings for professionals representing different fields based on our Trade Mark DIALOG of Transformation® operating in Ireland, Poland and United Kingdom. Check our offer.

We specialise in networking, bespoke training for professionals representing different professional fields including life long learning process around HORECA, YOUTH, ART, SOCIAL SERVICES, POST COVID SUPPORT, MENTAL HEALTH, ECOLOGY, BIO, GREEN BUSINESS.

We work with 122 experts across the world to make sure our offer meets your needs. We value NGO sector and public sector. We are creators of international platform connecting Business, III sector (NGO) and public sector.

We work closely with internal and external businesses, committees and organizations focused on expanding entrepreneurship and educational resources, scenarios, courses, certified trainings across Europe.

Our mission is educate people to the highest standards, provide bespoke trainings, offer support that make our clients happy.

EDU SMART TRAINING CENTRE LIMITED specialises in event management training including online marketing, new media, websites, platforms, FB profiles.

We can also organise and host an event for you including online event. Check our offer.

When you think that any and all sectors, across business, health, education, charity, sport, hospitality, leisure and tourism also run events to make their own connections, it’s small wonder that event management is predicted to grow to £50 billion by 2020!


The answer is easy: Our experts speak English, Irish, Polish, French, Italian Slovakian, Finnish, German, Bulgarian, Romanian as their native language. It makes our company and service unique as we organise events for people representing different backgrounds. We also train people representing different backgrounds, speaking different languages, representing different cultures, having different work and life experience. We are mindful, we care, we know the differences! We are unique. Our service is one unique bespoke service.

Each project regardless of its duration and scale is performed by people. In order for cooperation between them to be effective and successful, it is inevitable that someone who takes care of effective management. He or she will plan activities, prepare a schedule, estimate costs, assign tasks, and will consequently oversee the implementation and motivate colleagues to work. They will simply ensure that everything is done well.

An owner, supervisor, boss, manager – there has always been a person directing the work and responsible for its the proper and timely execution. However, only recently more attention began to be paid attention to the development of competences and ability of the person to be able to perform their duties more effectively. With the development of industry and increasing realization of ambitious projects a new profession has evolved – the manager.

Ideally, the successful manager is also a charismatic leader. However, a good manager is not always a leader who can inspire others, but excels at planning, delegation and organization of the entrusted tasks. On the other hand, a natural-born leader would not necessarily turn out well as a manager. Sometimes, being a manager and a leader at the same time is not feasible , and the choice between effective management and leadership turns out to be necessary. Who, then, is a manager, and who a leader and what distinguishes them?

We offer bespoke trainings for companies and individuals.

We organise events.

We listen, we care, we are here for you. 

We are a part of international cooperation where we promote European partnership 

Best Wishes!