Project Number 2018-1-PL01-KA204- 051074

Contact: Aleksandra Marcinkowska

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This project has been funded by Erasmus+ European Union Funding 

The ”E-Education” project has been prepared and will be implemented through a tripartite partnership: Nowe Motywacje from Poland, UK Butterflies from United Kingdom and Institut INPRO from Czech Republic.

Partners of the project:

  • Nowe Motywacje sp. z o.o., Kraków, Poland – Project Leader
  • INSTITUT INPRO. a.s., Praha, Czech Republic – Project Partner
  • UK Butterflies LTD, Bradford, United Kingdom – Project Partner Aleksandra Marcinkowska

The E-education project has been prepared and will be implemented through a tripartite partnership: Nowe Motywacje from Poland, UK Butterflies from United Kingdom and Institut INPRO from Czech Republic.

The project has various priorities split into sectors:

– ADULT EDUCATION: Facilitate access to skills improvement paths

– ADULT EDUCATION: Improving and broadening the range of high-quality learning opportunities tailored to the individual needs of adults with low skills or qualifications

And horizontal:

– Development of relevant skills and competences at a high level.

The main aim of the project is to increase the participation in lifelong learning of adults by using a unique advisory platform dedicated to adults, with particular emphasis on people living in rural areas, from smaller cities, and increasing the availability of non-formal education among adults.

Aims of the project in detail:

– enabling the use of non-formal education for adults from smaller towns, rural areas, as well as encouraging and reducing social, psychological, internal and distance barriers in adults with fewer opportunities and lower skills,

– increasing the number of effective work solutions for advisers, educators with adults,

– improving the accessibility of educational tools to facilitate the use of non-formal education with the use of modern technologies

– increasing of knowledge on the needs and expectations of recipients of innovative tools in non-formal education

– creating a space with open educational resources dedicated to adults.

The project is aimed at adults, mainly from smaller cities and rural areas. Those adults have bigger problems and barriers with active use of forms offered as part of adult education thus they are treated as a priority in the project. At the same time, the proposed tools, ie an advisory platform along with educational open resources, will be able to strengthen adults with fewer opportunities and lower skills. Also the tool will benefit adults from large cities in each of the three countries and other places in the world, but it will be the intermediate result of the project.

Each of the partners operates in the area of non-formal education of adults, therefore, has appropriate experience in order to achieve the intended results and project indicators. The novelty of the project will focus primarily on online solutions, the space that connects users, i.e. adults with advisors, educators. The tool will be able to be used in many non-formal adult education processes and will support the learning process as well as enrich the range of opportunities and tools of educators’ work.

The result of the project will be an innovative consulting platform in the final version. A platform connecting users of consultancy services with advisors together with full organisational functionality (calendar, advisors’ database, online contact tools (videoconferences, chat), and original materials that will help improve their competences. The results of intellectual work will serve to encourage adults to constantly learn, improve their competences, soft skills, personal and professional development, improve skills, expand knowledge, support distance learning processes and strengthen the user-advisor relationship throughout the learning process.The results of the work will be a determinant and helpful tool for the non-formal education market as they are innovative, new forms of work with adults. The advantage of the platform and materials will be the opportunity to use them outside of big cities that are the centre of educational activities addressed to adults, outside the workplace, away from the adjustment of the amount of time, it will enable them to learn in their own time frame and their own capabilities.

Project results will be disseminated through planned activities within the project and after completion , through dissemination conferences in 3 countries, mail with information about project results, information on the EPALE platform about the project and its results as well as information and materials on partner websites