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Erasmus + program

Project title: ART-ECO

Duration: 1.04.2022-31.03.2023

Project Leader: BEMA20 Foundation – Poland


Culture and Ecology

Exciting aventure ahead of us!

We are pleased to announce that EDU SMART TC has started a project with BEMA 20 Foundation based in Tarnów Poland as part of an international project “ART – ECO” funded by Erasmus+ Programme.

This time we will be focusing on the area of culture and ecology.

Ecology is important

Ecology becomes an important part and value in our lives. The combination of ecological solutions, i.e. knowledge on how an individual can support sustainable development, introduce environmental protection to a life of an individual, influence the environment to make it our common goal and at the same time take part in the broadly understood green transformation. This was defined by the project by both partners, as the area that it is essential to mankind.

Activating adults and bringing them closer to the cultural sector, to art is one of the possibilities of spending time, exploring and acquiring knowledge. In the course of life, we often forget about art, not having time for looking at our emotions, feelings and experiencing the value, that art introduces into the life of an adult.

On the other hand, an extremely important area today, from the perspective of society, is the Earth and the protection of its resources.

The combination of important and useful matters (ecology) with pleasure, ie. culture and art, is an area of development for partners.

Supporting adults through the art initiatives is key to unlocking access to high-quality adult education opportunities.

The main goal of the project is the activity and improvement of social inclusion in adult education in the field of art, ecology and cultural events.

Detailed objectives:

– increasing the knowledge of people working with os. adults and project participants on issues related to the improvement of social inclusion in adult education,

– gaining knowledge and competences of educators regarding cultural education, environmental education,

– promoting better access to and participation in culture through new forms and educational materials.