Contact: Aleksandra Marcinkowska

Programme: Erasmus+

SELF STARTING method helps to learn self-regulation (which is not identical with self-control). The method shows the teachers and therapists who use it, how to look at the behaviour of a young person or/and adult from the right perspective, respond to their needs and help them to deal with a difficult and stressful situation. This method aims to fundamentally change the mood, the level of concentration, the ability to make and maintain friendships and the feeling of empathy, which is often excluded in adolescents at risk of social exclusion and socially excluded. SELF – STARTING consists of 5 steps

  1. Recognition of excessive stress in a person
  2. Diagnosis of stressors using designed tools
  3. Reduction of stressors using methods and tools
  4. Supporting a person in building self-awareness and knowledge when the person needs to do something for itself.
  5. Help in creating own self-regulatory strategies to cope with everyday life events.

The method assumes the perception of “problematic” behaviours as signs of a person experiencing excessive stress. It focuses on working with a child, a young person, an adult who is impulsive, aggressive, withdrawn, explosive, has difficulty regulating emotions, often experiences emotional crises or has a changeable mood, can not bear frustration, surrenders to the smallest obstacles, has problems with concentration and attention or ignoring distracting stimuli and problems with dealing with relationships or feeling empathy.

SELF – STARTING method teaches how to determine, what are the stressors for a particular person and how carers, teachers or therapists can help the person reduce them. The next step is to teach the person how to cope with stress and its consequences. This is the science of breaking the vicious circle of stress that is getting out of control.
As part of work on the improvement and adaptation of the SELF – STARTING method, a model scenario for working with individuals and groups is developed along with a full material casing – individual work cards and therapy cards. A training program is developed to be used in the preparation of therapists, teachers, pedagogues, youth workers, parents and carers of people at risk of social exclusion and those who are already socially excluded.

The materials will indicate the necessary skills and knowledge, which should be mastered by the user, in order to be able to start work using the SELF – STARTING method. The objectives of education are also described in detail – learning outcomes, in line with the qualification description standard.