Contact: Aleksandra Marcinkowska office@edusmart-tc.net

Programme: Erasmus+

FAMILY STAR programme consists of various strategies developed for the social workers and social care workers in Poland, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The tools, tests, forms, templates, cards, questionnaires are widely used to support parents and their families by local authorities and voluntary sector services.

Tools and resources can also be used to capture the voice of clients’ perspective and needs. This method enables social workers and social care workers to be more efficient in their work with no place for being subjective. Rich content developed during this project will give workers and clients the effect of synergy alongside effective parenting strategies.

Social workers and social care workers will be required to use the same tools.
FAMILY STAR method will help to look differently at the social assistance for a client hrough properly constructed forms and questions, as well as the assessments developed by and for the social assistance client and worker. It is an innovative method due to the nature of the documents used and the win-win approach.

The methods and organization of research is a comparative analysis that was carried out in partner countries. The comparative research will use the document research method (desk research) as the basic method and the expert method – as the supportive method.
The developed catalog of employee competences together with the directors of Powiatowe Cen- trum Pomocy Rodzinie (County Family Support Centre PCPR) and its subordinate and partners institu- tions with the participation of a British and Irish organi
The learning objectives – learning outcomes in line with the qualification description standard – will also be described in detail and explained, how to use all the tools.

FAMILY STAR helps to ensure order and allow all employees to use one document template without having to create documentation according to their own ideas. Creating a set of documents for social workers, family assistants, family coordinators will also contribute to preventing burnout; aims to fun- damentally change the mood, level of concentration, ability to establish and maintain positive relation- ships with the client, and the feeling of empathy, which is often disabled in employees at risk of burnout. Also, what is very important in the FAMILY STAR approach, is the win – win partnership between the worker and the client.