Contact: Aleksandra Marcinkowska

Programme: Erasmus+

BE SMART METHOD is one of the tools used in psychotherapy and coaching. According to this method, we ourselves have all the resources needed to achieve what we want and need and answer the question How to wisely like ourselves? Destructive beliefs about yourself and low self-esteem can hinder functioning in society and are a source of stress especially among young people.

And yet the solution seems obvious – all you need is to like yourself, accept your flaws and imperfections, replace the concepts “I need” with “I want”, “problem” with “situation”.
The method uses the approach to the life of the Greek ancient philosopher Socrates. His favorite occupation was talking to people – Socratic dialogue. By asking questions, he made the interlocutor search for truth and wisdom.

As part of the work on improving and adapting the BE SMART method in therapeutic work, model scenarios for working with young people were developed along with full material – individual work cards and therapeutic cards. A training program has also been developed for use in the preparation of therapists, teachers, educators and guardians of young people at risk of social exclusion and those who are socially excluded.

The materials indicate the necessary skills and knowledge that the user should have in order to be able to work using the BE SMART method.

The learning objectives – learning outcomes, in line with the qualification description standard and the developed training program have also been described in detail. The training program has a flexible structure, and its modules and modular units can be updated (modified, supplemented or replaced), without destroying the program structure, to adapt the content to make possible corrections and further additions.