EDU SMART & IDEAM CLUSTERS online training Aleksandra Marcinkowska & Dr. Jamie Meehan

Online Training

According to the definition of the American economist Michael E. Porter, clusters are entities of interconnected companies, specialised suppliers, service providers, enterprises operating in related sectors and related institutions.

Cluster members compete and cooperate with each other at the same time. These are organizations of particular importance to the economy and capable of competing on international markets.

CCC coordinators, i.e. companies dealing with the development of clusters, as well as the exchange of knowledge in ESG & CSR are and initiating cooperation will be sharing best good practice in Ireland with our participants on the level of digitization of value chains in entrepreneurs’ organisations, ESG & CSR.

One of the best Irish Clusters’ Leader Jamie Meehan, PhD from IDEAM Cluster 🇮🇪 will be our guest speaker! You can read his bio in my comment.

Looking forward to this session! Honoured, that EDU SMART Training Centre D I A L O G of Transformation 🇮🇪 is part of IDEAM ⭐️

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The host of the training is Aleksandra Marcinkowska, CEO of EDU SMART TC, doctoral researcher in law, am an international immigration adviser, mediatior, business consultant and adviser with 15 years of experience in international business consulting, research, branding and strategies.

Aleksandra specialises in EUSS international mediation. As a CEO of EDU SMART TRAINING CENTRE UK & Ireland, she creates international business strategies based on her programme DIALOG of Transformation ® Innovative Training for businesses, public sector & NGOs. She is an auditor of ISO 9001 & 26000 and provides guidance to business owners including international networking, education and branding based on ESG, CSR, conflict resolution.

CEO of EDU SMART Aleksandra Marcinkowska

EDU SMART is a Irish limited company developed in 2016 by Aleks and her family. EDU SMART TC offers services that include strategic and development plans, conducting market research, accessing development expertise and recruiting partners and team members from the business market. Edu smart specialised in strategies for entities based in the EU and UK.


Our guest speakers are: Dr Jamie Meehan & Research Fellow Katrin form IDEAM Ireland which Edu Smart, our international company is a member of.

IDEAM (Irish Digital Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing) will bring together and support the growth of three individual networks, namely Explore Engineering, Limerick for IT and the Precision and Turned Parts Manufacturing Association (PTMA) through an overarching cluster. IDEAM acts as a one-stop-shop that will assist Manufacturing SMEs in all aspects of digital transformation and Industry 4.0. The cluster will help more than 70 Manufacturing SMEs, from all over Ireland, to increase productivity, improve competitiveness and expand into international markets. Increased engagement on Industry 4.0, skills development in automation and robotics, masterclasses in data analytics and loT and increased participation in European Funded Platforms are vital objectives.

The key aims are to:

  • Enhance the Development of the Cluster
  • Improve ME Productivity,
  • Competitiveness and Internationalisation
  • Nurture Critical Mass
  • Act as the Nucleus between the Triple- helix Community
  • Impact GDP, Startup Creations and
  • Employment Opportunities and Stimulate Systemic Change through high levels of Collaboration and
  • Building Trustful Relationships.

Dr. Jamie Meehan, Cluster Manager, IDEAM Cluster

Dr. Jamie Meehan has worked with cluster associations, organisations, managers, practitioners, policymakers and research centres for over 12 years. He is an Industry4.0 Certified Trainer: Smart Manufacturing for Industry as part of the EU Atlantic Area IN4.0 project supporting over 1,000 EU SMEs. Jamie holds a PhD in the area of Clusters, Entrepreneurship and Regional Development (level 10) with many international publications and is the author of the book entitled – “Convergence Influence on Cluster-Based Economic Growth in Regions. Business Clusters: An International Perspective (2021)”. Jamie forms part of the first-ever Clusters of Change EU Cluster Acceleration Programme (theCAP), whilst also delivering the Master Class for Management of Clusters and Territorial Networks at the University of Strasbourg, France. As the Cluster Manager of IDEAM, he focuses on supporting over 100+ advanced manufacturing SMEs across the island of Ireland with their digital and green advancements and exponential business growth potential. He has and continues to lead and manage various regional, national and international successfully funded collaborative projects namely, Interreg Europe, Erasmus+, COSME, Interreg Atlantic Area and Horizon Europe to the value of over €10,000,000. Industry collaboration, innovation and growth are at the core of everything that we do in IDEAM!

Dr. Jamie Meehan IDEAM Clusters

Our second presenter is Katrin Weittenhiller, IDEAM Research Fellow, moved to Ireland from Austria in 2017 to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in business. In 2021, Katrin graduated with a BBs (Hons) in ‘Business Studies: Enterprise and Innovation’ from the Technological University of the Shannon: Midlands Midwest. She has an excellent background in marketing and management, whilst having a keen interest in business strategy performance and industry growth potential. Katrin is currently pursuing a ‘Master by Research in Business’ investigating the impact and influence of clusters on economic growth and entrepreneurship activity. Katrin is conducting her research in collaboration with the IDEAM Cluster. In her role as IDEAM Research Fellow, Katrin works closely with IDEAM Cluster members to support their business growth and to investigate the impact of the cluster to further enhance the IDEAM Cluster initiatives.