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Many months of isolation made our vigilance deteriorate and the some elderly people forgot about the lurking threat.

More and more often, elderly people become victims to scammers, who use false documents and propose deceptively similar real loans or promotional equipment purchases.

In order to stop this wave of fraud, people should be equipped with the skills, that will allow them to easily learn how to clearly express the “I” message and deny potential fraudsters.

It is important to develop methods of effective and efficient coping with stressful situations, that require assertive behavior and the use of clear messages from individuals 🏆

🔹 Thanks to the project “Develop Your Creativiy”, we have created a series of educational films entitled “ASSERTIVE CITIZEN IN PRACTICE, OR HOW NOT TO BE MIPLED AND PUT CLEAR BOUNDARIES ?” That show correct and incorrect behawior.

Thanks to this, we #AREAWARE how to avoid a potential threat.

🎥We encourage you to watch movies on our channel👉https: // List = PL0RsQSyjIkLz-FWOWVWzgFoLjmGXHcsf2

| Project partners: EDU SMART Training Center D I A L O G of Transformation FERI Foundation for Education, Development and Innovation GOD NGO / Сдружение ГОД Erasmus + Adult education |

Project Leader Kreatywni Dla Biznesu

Adam Maj Krzysztof Kupiec Jadwiga Maj Klaudia Kłeczek Janina Kornecka



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