The guide “How to create an event offer” is now available in 3 different languages


The guide “How to create an event offer” is intended for employees of the MICE (Meeting, Incent- ive, Conference, Exhibition) industry in order to improve their professional qualifications, enrich their workshop and adapt their skills to the needs of the events market. Particular emphasis is placed on issues concerning proper planning and organising of work, from the conception to settlement of an event, as well as clarifying and expanding professional vocabulary, so important in this industry. The publication can serve as a professional guide for MICE sector employees. The included content, along with control tasks, can also be successfully used during training for current or future staff of the meetings industry.

It should be emphasised that this is the first such comprehensive publication addressed to the MICE industry. It combines theoretical knowledge with business practice, which is helped by detailed ex- planations and numerous examples taken from specific event realisations.

The guide has been divided into chapters and subchapters, which introduce the reader to the de- tailed issues of the meetings industry in an orderly manner. The text includes infographics, which serve to make the material clearer and more meaningful:

We invite you to use this guide. We wish all current and future MICE industry professionals per- severance and we look forward to your interesting questions or suggestions. This handbook can become better and more interesting also thanks to the readers.

Our guide is available in English ENG, Polish PL, Hungarian HU.


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